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Born in Melbourne, A25 pizzeria has a sexy Italian soul that never fails to impress. If you’ve got a date night coming up, why not take a stroll through the cultural streets of Melbourne and fall in love with our beautiful city. Whether you’re taking in the scenery, enjoying the local music scene or getting lost in the hustle and bustle, a great night always ends with a meal shared. Found in the heart of the CBD, A25 is where...

Here at A25, we’re making pizza sexy. With a strong Italian heritage and years of restaurant experience, founder Remo Nicolini is an industry veteran. Sourcing inspiration from fresh Italian produce and multicultural cuisines, Remo creates innovative dishes that are anything but basic. Whether you’re a Bunga Bunga lover or more a Nutella pizza fan, A25’s menu is all about undeniable flavour and classic dishes with a twist. Talking everything from quirky pizzas to iconic Italian restaurants, we sat down with...