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Here at A25, we’re making pizza sexy. With a strong Italian heritage and years of restaurant experience, founder Remo Nicolini is an industry veteran. Sourcing inspiration from fresh Italian produce and multicultural cuisines, Remo creates innovative dishes that are anything but basic. Whether you’re a Bunga Bunga lover or more a Nutella pizza fan, A25’s menu is all about undeniable flavour and classic dishes with a twist. Talking everything from quirky pizzas to iconic Italian restaurants, we sat down with Remo to discover more about our legendary A25 Pizzeria.


How did you get your start in the restaurant industry?


I was born into the restaurant industry. My father opened the first pizzeria in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast called Nicolini’s! Founded in 1969, Nicolini’s was the second pizza restaurant opened in Australia and soon became an icon. My mum would bring all of us kids to Nicolini’s on a daily basis to see my dad, so I basically grew up in the restaurant.


Was it important for you to share your Italian heritage through A25?


I’ve opened many restaurants but A25 is special. It is the culmination of all my experiences culinary or not over the years, especially while growing up in Italy. Even the name means a lot to me, it’s the name of a freeway that links two of my favourite cities, Rome and Pescara, a freeway that I’ve driven so many times. A25’s dishes aim to reflect what each of these beautiful cities have to offer.


What sets A25 apart?


What sets A25 apart is its quirkiness. While we follow the fundamental basics of Italian cooking, when it comes to toppings and flavours, we don’t stick to tradition. We have fun in changing classic Italian dishes and making them our own.


How does A25 make pizza sexy?


Our presentation is second to none. We want our customers to be blown away by presentation and leave remembering A25’s wow factor. For us, it’s all about serving up dishes that look and feel inviting.


Where do you source your ingredients?


We source a lot of A25’s ingredients from the best Italian food importers in Melbourne but most of our produce is actually locally made by artisans with loads of passion.


What is the process like designing menus for your restaurants?


Writing new menus is so exciting because you can really create amazing dishes that are different and push the boundaries. I love when you read a menu and think ‘wow’!!


How do you come up with new menu items?


When developing new menu items, I love looking at different cuisines. I love to implement certain aspects of each and integrate them into Italian cooking.


What are some fundamental qualities of a successful restaurant?


It’s a simple formula but believe me, it’s hard to achieve. You need to be innovative, price conscious, have great service, consistently good food and of course you need a bit of the x-factor. A good position helps as well.


If you had to describe yourself in one dish, what would it be?


If I was a dish, I would definitely be a Napoletana pizza. The olives bring the sweetness while the anchovies and oregano bring the saltiness to balance it all out. I just don’t like being one way!


What do you want the lasting impression to be when people leave A25?


When people leave A25 I want them to think, ‘It was great. I felt like I was in a coastal town in Italy and I can’t wait to come back!’.


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